Sacred Service Ministry Teams


What is Sacred Service?


Sacred Service is a way to embody and deepen spiritual practice, helping us become more aware of the Spirit of God in everything and everyone. When we give of our time and share our talents in our community, we are co-creating a new world of love and service.

This is your guide to Unity of Charlotte’s Sacred Service Ministry teams. 

If you are interested in joining a team, please send us an e-mail at

There are many opportunities for Sacred Service at Unity of Charlotte. 

Below is a brief description of each ministry team and a list of current team members.

Chaplains and Music Ministry Team can be found on their own page.

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Bookstore Ministry

Leaders: Avanda Demperio & Marti Morris

Bookstore Ministry manages the Unity bookstore, which provides materials for Unity classes and personal spiritual growth.

The “Bookstore Buddies”, our volunteer team members, create an environment of enthusiasm for learning and spiritual growth.  The Spiritual Path Bookstore at Unity of Charlotte is an open door to not only the Church members, but to the broader Charlotte community.


Building Maintenance Ministry

Leader: Position Currently Open

Building Maintenance Ministry provides services for repair and upkeep of the buildings.

CommUNITY Outreach Ministry

Leader: Position Currently Open

he Community Outreach Ministry participates in community projects and activities.

Current Affiliations:

Urban Ministry Center:

  • Monthly Beverage Service at lunch
  • Room In The Inn - Overnight Shelter & Meals at Unity (4 winter months).

Food Pantry Ministry

Leader: Launa Morehead

Food Pantry collects and distributes food to meet the needs of the community.


Hospitality Ministry

Leader: Cathy Cousar

The Hospitality Ministry facilitates congregational fellowship by planning pot-luck dinners, holiday parties and providing Sunday morning refreshments.

The Generosity of Spirit is given physical form by the members of our Hospitality Teams. Warm hearts are extended through their offering of warm meals on 1st Sundays and every week at fellowship coffee hours. They also provide luncheon fare for those who want to participate in after Service workshops. The synergy experienced by workers who prepare and present food at our Church home is a constant reminder of God’s abundant Love and of Divine Creative Order!


Landscaping Ministry

Leader: Linda Bruceaddy-Gayle

The Landscaping Ministry plans and maintains grounds beautification.

This Team is dedicated to beautification as well as to eco-friendly relationships for our Church through the activity of planting, watering and nurturing new life in and around our grounds.

They work directly with the soil and help to “ground’ our Spiritual attainment directly to the Earth. 

They remind us that we are all charged with a responsibility to be good stewards of our planetary home.


Office Assistance Ministry

Leader: Position Currently Open

The Office Assistance Ministry is the place for people who like to be in the hub of all the activities. Assisting the administrator and the Ministerial staff is an ever changing and always interesting enterprise. You will learn to use state-of-the-art office machines, greet the people who come through our doors during weekday hours, and get to know more about the logistics involved in “running” our church home. 



Prayer Ministry

Leader: Kathy Davis

The Prayer Ministry supports the Unity of Charlotte family through prayer.

The Prayer Ministry meets regularly on the first Sunday of the month to offer support to members, as well as functioning throughout the week in Prayer support for the entire Church. Our connection with Silent Unity is established through the Prayer Team as they work with our local requests.  They also contribute to a global response for providing Universal Prayer Consciousness to our planet. 


Silent Unity:

Centered in God and united in prayer, "Silent Unity" uplifts minds and hearts to give people of ALL FAITHS, the courage and strength they seek.

Do you or someone close to you have a prayer request? Visit "Silent Unity"... the 24/7-prayer ministry or call 1-800-NOW-PRAY (669-7729)

Sacred Activist Teams

Coordinator: Position Currently Open


The Sacred Activist Teams are where the love of God meets the passion for Justice in our world.

Cindy Duty

"Unity's Animal Activists join together to create opportunities that improve the lives and well-being of animals. Through education of the public about animal issues, participation in Animal Kneads Day in August, and organizing an animal adoption day in the fall, we provide enlightenment about what we can do to help animals in a variety of ways. Contact to volunteer: 704-523-0062

Linda Bruceaddy-Gayle, Connie Gesser and Robin Sheriff

The purpose of this activist group is to build community, fellowship and make new friends.  We want to experience life together by participating in a variety of events.  An example of these events :  Nature hikes, lunch at a park, local farmer’s markets, and other free community events.  We are always open to new ideas and welcome new people. Contact them at


The Peace Assembly at Unity of Charlotte is a nondenominational joint venture of Peace Centers International and Unity of Charlotte. Through the practice of collective and group meditation, its participants amplify the peace they experience during meditation; this sacred practice radiates throughout the community and world. Novices to meditation and people from all meditation traditions are welcomed into this inclusive Assembly. We meditate every Sunday at 10 AM prior to the Unity of Charlotte Celebration Service. Here is an article from Peace Centers International: Peace is breaking forth everywhere!

For more information contact Lawrence Toliver at 704-999-7915 or at

Sound and Video Production Ministry

Leader: Alan Batten and Bernadette Rasmussen

Steve Smith & Alan Batten

The Sound & Video Ministry express Unity of Charlotte’s message through the excellence of public broadcast and archive excellence. Members learn the techniques and the rewards of up-to-date media process by participating in this ever expanding field of connection to greater Charlotte and beyond.

Audio CD and Video DVD of Sunday Service is usually available within a few minutes of the service conclusion.

The Sunday Celebration service can be seen on the Unity of Charlotte YouTube Channel by mid week. Video page on this website.

We also broadcast on Channel 21 Local Public Access at 9 AM Sunday Mornings. These shows generally run about 2-4 weeks behind and are produced by Bernadette Rasmussen.

Watch Sundays at 9 AM

Table Ministry

Leader: Sherrill Holden

The Table Ministry manages table set up for events following the Sunday Services


Ushers and Greeters Ministry

Leader: Gil Spears

The Ushers & Greeters Ministry serves as greeters and ushers during the Sunday Celebration, as well as other special services.

The volunteers who serve on these two teams are charged with the responsibilities of Order, Safety and Welcoming for Unity of Charlotte. They open not only our doors, but their hearts to welcome church members “home” each week.  They also stand as representatives of Unity and a welcoming embrace to all of the newcomers who seek our Church. 


Welcome Ministry

Leader: Position Currently Open

The Welcome Ministry welcomes new comers and helps them find their Spiritual home at Unity of Charlotte.

For more on becoming a member of Unity of Charlotte, visit our Membership information page. Welcome Home!


Youth Education and Childcare Ministry

Youth Leader: Currently Open

The Youth Education Ministry prayerfully ensures that our youth learn Unity principles in a nurturing and loving environment.

Volunteers on this Team help establish healthy connections between the adult congregation and the youth of our Church. We believe that all of the children of our church, as well as the children of the world, are our gifts from God and our responsibility. Youth and Family Ministry volunteers are committed to learning ways to nurture and teach each child so that children will understand how to continue to develop a strong spiritual life.

We welcome children from ages 5 to 18 years in the Youth Program. Our curriculum is a story- and activity-based program that uses stories from the Bible, contemporary books, tapes, games and other sources to help your child understand principles of Unity and Positive Living. Throughout the program there will also be opportunities for children to be of service to others and participate in a multitude of fun activities.

Click here for more on the Youth Education Program.