Unity Chaplains are champions of consciousness and are trained to meet the prayer needs of our members. They regularly serve the congregation by presenting the Daily Word on Sundays, by holding a Silent Meditation vigil during the Service, and by meeting with anyone wanting Prayer support after the Service on Sundays. They are also available for prayer calls and hospital visits.

Michael Thomas: Team Leader

After serving in the Marine Corps for thirteen years I left and returned to North Carolina determined to start fresh. Since then I have worked as a management consultant or a temporary laborer for almost thirty years. During that time I was introduced to Unity by a friend in California. Upon divorcing my first wife I began to attend Unity of Charlotte.

I like the Unity message of love and acceptance. This resonated with me and I began to become involved in the Unity church that I was attending. My involvement included serving on the board of trustees in both churches that I was a member of as well as ushering and recruiting other people to enjoy the benefits of service. At Unity of Charlotte I made the decision this year to become involved in the Prayer Chaplain Program. It was a decision that was not made lightly. I believe that prayer is the foundation of the Unity movement and that it is our responsibility to handle all things in life with prayer.

Christopher Bacho

I grew up in the Alleghany Mountains of southwest New York.  I worked on our dairy farm as a child.  My wife, children and I moved to Charlotte in 1998.  I worked as a tool maker.  This was our first home as a family.

I found Unity through Alcoholics Anonymous.  I was actively involved in AA, but I realized I needed more spiritual food.  I had been reading the Daily Word for some time before discovering Unity of Charlotte.  Reverend Randolph Wilkinson was the minister at the time.  Reverend Randolph, Reverend Nancy, and Alan Batten have all contributed to the spiritual growth that I had been seeking.  They all influenced me in becoming a Prayer Chaplain.

In my spare time, I enjoy being a handyman, gardening, working in my small repair machine shop.  In the past, I have been a rancher, raising cattle; I have written a book; and I have made model farm equipment.

Launa Morehead

Launa was born in Colorado, but raised in Tennessee. She has two grown children and a granddaughter.  Her other children have four legs as she has three dogs. She is a licensed insurance producer for United Healthcare. She graduated in 2004 from Columbia College in Columbia College SC with a Bachelor's in Accounting.

In 2011, she attended a leadership conference for Mary Kay. Her National Sales Director was the keynote speaker who spoke on how you can manifest your business with God and metaphysics. However, Launa was raised as a good Southern Baptist girl and had never heard of metaphysics. She was hooked and she went to Joanne after the conference and asked her "what is metaphysics?" She recommended four books for her to read. Two of the books were by Eric Butterworth. She found one at Books a Million, but she couldn't find the other one.  Launa looked on the back of the book I had to see who published it.   It was published by Unity. She researched Unity to see where she could get the book she was missing. She found out Unity was a church organization. She was homeless at the time and living in a hotel in Columbia. Unity of Columbia was about ​one​- half mile from where she was staying. She got the book and a church home. As soon as she moved to York, she found Unity of Charlotte. When she found Unity she had PTSD and had been told she would be on medication the rest of her life. Today, thanks to meditation, Unity and of course, God, she is healthy, whole and medication free. Launa says that Unity saved her life.

Chaplain Emeritus Team

  • Sandy Ritter
  • Horace Bush
  • Helwig Stewart
  • Helen Swanson
  • Rita Pasour
  • Maria Malave
  • Jane Silverman
  • Velories Figures
  • Diana Swift
  • Kate Cameron
  • Gloria Owens