Meet Our Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the business of the church including financial health, real and personal property, membership, employment of ministers and any other issues requiring action to further the spiritual purpose of Unity of Charlotte.

Vice President: Michael Thomas

After serving in the Marine Corps for thirteen years I left and returned to North Carolina determined to start fresh. Since then I have worked as a management consultant or a temporary laborer for almost thirty years. During that time I was introduced to Unity by a friend in California. Upon divorcing my first wife I began to attend Unity of Charlotte.

I like the Unity message of love and acceptance. This resonated with me and I began to become involved in the Unity church that I was attending. My involvement included serving on the board of trustees in both churches that I was a member of as well as ushering and recruiting other people to enjoy the benefits of service. At Unity of Charlotte I made the decision this year to become involved in the Prayer Chaplain Program. It was a decision that was not made lightly. I believe that prayer is the foundation of the Unity movement and that it is our responsibility to handle all things in life with prayer.



Alan Batten

Alan Batten was born in Rhode Island, but being from the smallest state gave him a large heart.  He’s been a Southerner ever since he learned the difference between “You All” and “All You All.” He’s been living in Charlotte since 1982.

Alan has been a student of Unity for more than 40 years, and has facilitated literally scores of classes and workshops, bringing Unity principles to work in everyday activities.  He’s a firm believer in Charles Fillmore’s concept of Practical Christianity.

He’s facilitated study groups for A Course in Miracles as well as a long-running series of Prosperity Classes.  In fact, while teaching prosperity, he realized that the many teachers he studied all made the same points in different ways.  That realization led him to write The Prosperity Code, with its keys to unlocking prosperity’s secrets.  He has a few copies of the book available, and part of the purchase price will benefit Unity of Charlottesville.

Alan has been a writer ever since he received a toy typewriter as a toddler.  He immediately set out to write the Great American Novel.  Unfortunately for society, no one could read it.  We’re glad that he finally learned how to type!

Although no one would call him a slow learner, this is the fourth time he has served on the Board of Trustees, after having served as President for several terms.  He welcomes this latest chance to be of service to his spiritual family.

Member: Linda Marazoni

I was raised in Michigan (brrrrrr); moved to Atlanta, GA when I was 26 (loved the southern hospitality); and then, 6 years later, moved on to Los Angeles (a good place to make money, otherwise……).  That was my home for the next 35 years, except for a five year fulltime RVing experience somewhere in the middle.  In mid-2012, I moved here.  I love being back in the country.  And, I have met some incredible people here!

I was raised in the Christian Science church.  In 1968, I was introduced to Unity and I have been a ‘Unitic’ ever since.  When I decided to move to the Carolina’s, the hardest decision was leaving my church in Los Angeles.  The congregation was my ‘family’.  I needn’t have worried.  Two days after arriving here, I walked into Unity of Charlotte and had my family back. 

Gifts and talents:  I was in management for a good part of my career, although technology was my first love.  I worked in large corporations on ‘mainframe’ computers.  I can find my way around PCs, but I am, by far, not an expert , by any means .  I type fast.   I’ve been trained to help people who are terminally ill with transitioning.  Before moving to the Carolinas, I crocheted many things for charity.  

Member: Margaret Wells

My name is Margaret Wells.  I have been going to Unity 20 years, and been a member for 16 years.
Unity  has been a place that spoke to my heart  from the beginning. We were meeting at the Community House in Matthews.  Unity has helped me see life in a new light – a brighter light.  Unity beliefs build me up, reminding me that I am a Divine Being, a precious child of God.  How great is that!

I live in Gastonia with my husband Martin, whom is also a member of Unity. I was born and raised in Gastonia.  In fact, I live in the house I grew up in.   I have a daughter, Wendy, who fortunately lives in  Gastonia with her husband and my two grandchildren.

I have a small drapery workroom and work out of my basement.  I also work part-time as a receptionist at a local gym.

I love working outdoors in my yard; enjoying social time with my friends and family, and reading.  My husband and I also enjoy trying new restaurants!

I am proud to be serving on the Board of Unity. I want to give back what I have been given.

President: Bill Barron

Born in New Jersey, I moved to Austin, Texas when I was 6 and remained in Texas (Austin and Houston) until March of 2015 when my new wife and I moved to the Charlotte area.  Between us we have 7 grown children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 dogs. 

I was first introduced to Unity in Houston where I attended Unity of Houston, one of the larger Unity churches in the country.  When we moved here I was interested in finding a like-minded new thought community and heard about Unity of Charlotte.  What I especially love about Unity of Charlotte is the intimacy of a small community which helps create a supportive field for my spiritual growth.  I also appreciate the diversity and inclusiveness that is evident as well as the numerous opportunities to volunteer.

I have been fortunate enough to have two satisfying careers both as a practicing lawyer and as a leadership development consultant/executive coach.  As a result, I believe I have developed a capacity to make logical decisions as well as consider the people issues that are inevitably involved in operating any organization.  I have also developed the ability to view issues from multiple perspectives depending on what is needed in a given situation.  


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